Band Organ Facade Complete re-creation of a 1907 Wurlitzer Carousel Organ Façade with custom hand-painted scenes.
European inspired heavily carved and multi-layer Baroque night light. Night Light
Spice Cabinet Norwegian style cabinet with historic oil painting.
Unique design horse for Herschell Carousel. Carousel Horse
William Dentzel style rabbit with unique trappings.
Baroque hand carved 5-layer panel. Cabinet Panel
Craftsman Style Wall Four-way book-matched Carpathian elm burl veneered panels surrounded by red and white quarter-sawn oak detailing.
Complete restoration of Grandmother’s Predictions Fortune Teller after major storm damage. Coney Island’s most famous arcade machine. Grandma
Grandmother’s Prediction Fortune Teller close-up Grandma
Laughing Sal Philadelphia Toboggan Company total re-build including reproducing costume based on original photos and re-sculpting hands.
Built from a pile of original components. Includes moving glass eyes, carved signage and sculpted center panel with hand painted and gold leaf details. Madame Neville
Eagle Bellamy style eagle, with stylized lettered banner.
Hand lettered box top anniversary gift. Box M J
Laughing Sal Baroque
Art Nouveau stylized daffodils to frame carved box front. Art Nouveau
Acanthus Horse Muller inspired original design carousel horse.
Detail of heavily carved Wurlitzer 165 façade before gold-leaf. Facade Close up
Frame Baroque bathroom mirror frame.
Original design, double sided, carved Art Nouveau sign. Hawks Eye
Spoons Norwegian acanthus carved spoon set.
1934 Ford ice cream truck custom designed and carved banner sign. Ice Cream Truck
Tree Staircase Tree Staircase.